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How To Get Glowing Skin Naturally – from a Holistic Esthetician

Our mission is to help everyone get glowing skin from the inside out with simple lifestyle habits.

Few facts about the skin:

The skin is the largest organ of our body and our barrier that provides protection, regulates temperature, detoxifies, and provides sensation. It is the mirror of our internal world. So many things happening inside can show on our skin, such as sensitivity, dryness, dehydration, acne, eczema, etc.
Taking care of our skin topically and internally can boost a healthy glow with lasting youthfulness. This means treating the skin as part of the whole body holistically, with a personalized approach that works best for each individual.

Here is my inspiration and a few tips to incorporate as part of your morning and evening routine.

5 Morning Tips to get glowing skin

Drink Lemon Water
Lemon water is rich in natural Vitamin C that boosts skin glow, alkalizes the body, and decreases inflammation in the body and skin.
In addition, drinking plenty of water throughout the day and eating lots of watery fruits will keep your whole body and skin hydrated from the inside out.

Fresh Breakfast
Start your day with fresh fruit bowls, smoothies, and green juices. They are easily digestible and incredibly hydrating, plus abundant in vitamins and antioxidants that nourish your skin from the inside out. With Breakfast (Break-a-Fast) we are breaking a fast (at least 8h) of not eating during the night. Activate your digestive system with ease first thing in the morning.

Move Your Body
Body movement increases blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout the body, including the skin.
Body movement can be a walk outside, a simple yoga stretch, biking or a full-body workout. Do what best suits your schedule, including some body movement time daily.

Water in the Shower
Hot water in the shower dries and dehydrates the skin. Consider this if your skin is on the dryer side.
Use lukewarm or slightly cool water in the shower if you can. Cool water soothes inflamed skin, tightens the pores, and de-puffs the skin.
In addition, to stimulate circulation and lymph flow, try alternating between warm and cool water.

Clean Natural Skincare
Use skincare made with potent natural ingredients that deeply nourish the skin and benefit the whole body and planet.
Try our Sunrise Day Serum as part of your morning moisturizer. It is a lightweight facial oil, suitable for most skin types. It deeply nourishes the skin with oils pressed from the seeds of Raspberries and Blackberries, plus CoQ10 that boosts skin antioxidant levels for daily UV and pollution protection.

5 Evening Tips for healthy glow

Slow-down and unwind
Before your beauty sleep, it is essential to slow down and unwind. Well rested body leads to calmer and younger-looking skin.

Practicing regular meditation and gratitude are mindful techniques that release stress from the body. The skin is calm and resilient when the body/mind connection is calm.

Light Dinner
A light and nutritious dinner with anti-inflammatory foods and healthy fats leads to easy digestion, a healthy gut, and a better night of sleep.
A green salad with roasted veggies and seeds nurture your whole body with essential vitamins and healthy fats. In addition, it is anti-inflammatory and easily digested.

Read and Journal
Take a break from the screens and grab your favorite read. Do you like to journal life experiences? You can even journal your skin progress from the new skincare routines.

Holistic Skincare
The Evening is the time when the skin cells regenerate. Use this time to apply potent and clean skin botanicals for healthy and radiant skin.
Try our Evening Rejuvenating Serum that deeply conditions the skin overnight and stimulates healthy skin cell turnover so you can wake up with bright, smooth, and glowing skin.

Hope we inspired you on some healthy skin glowing routines. Take what resonates with you and let us know the results your skin is experiencing.

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