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Busy Moms: Essential Guide For Self Care

“As a mother there will be many times in your life that you hug your child. Knowing that you needed that hug more then they did.”

Few things, if any, are more magical then being a mother and raising little humans. A mother is a guide, a spiritual teacher, a stone, a caregiver, a love giver … she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take.

Female nature is caring and giving. As mothers we experience many sleepless nights and putting other humans’ needs in front of ours. Add that to the busy schedules, stress from work and meeting family obligations.
Mothers, with this guide we invite you to hug yourself and give yourself the love you deserve.

Tarli’s Guide to Self Care with Our Skincare

Here is a guide to pamper you, the caring mother, with our skin-care routine as part of your self-care.
With just few minutes per day, take some time with yourself in the mirror and show yourself and your skin extra care.

  • After proper and gentle cleansing according to your skin type, rub a few drops of our serums between your palms. Place hands closer to your face and inhale deeply. The natural scent of the oils will take you on a sensorial journey and awaken your senses. 
  • Take few more deep breaths and massage the oil onto your skin with circular, then upward movements. This will improve circulation to the skin, relax the muscles and smooth texture.
  • Once per week take 15minutes of your time and create a mask ritual. Mix a scoop of our mask with 1-2 scoops of water and make a paste. Massage the mask onto the skin and leave it on for 10minutes. 
  • If your skin is dryer, add few drops of sunrise or sunset serum, or grape seed oil to the powder mask you just mixed with water.
  • Make sure the mask is wet and activated at all times. I like to use it in the shower while the steam opens up the pores and mask penetrates deeper for better results.
  • Or take a long soaking bath while the mask does wonders for your skin.
  • Massage again before rinsing it off with water.
  • Finish up with our evening serum and enjoy a soft and radiant complexion.

As a mother, your skin is prone to frequent changes and challenges. Suppose you can’t get enough sleep or are experiencing stress from work or family obligations. In that case, it’s even more vital that you take extra time out of your day to pamper yourself with skin-care products that will help keep your skin looking healthy and glowing.

Avoid these common mistakes moms make:

  • Sleeping with make up on (traps dirt and environmental pollutants to the skin, which leads to dull-looking skin)
  • Eating leftovers for dinner (a chance to overeat, which affects whole body health)
  • Not getting enough sleep (leads to tired-looking skin, lack of oxygen and healthy blood flow in the body and skin)
  • Not staying diligent with their proper skin-care routine (skipping moisturizing and hydrating the skin, skipping weekly mask and exfoliating routine)
  • Not taking the 10 minutes for themselves they were planning on (postponing healthy self-care habits)

All of these habits are very common, and most of the time we create them unintentionally. Overloaded schedules, plus female caring nature can create a dis-balance in our lifestyle habits and choices. Over time we see our skin as tired and dull, with more lines and uneven skin tone. While we should embrace motherhood and the beauty of it, we should also take the time to care for ourselves.

We cannot pour from an empty cup! So fill up yours with love and care first, and you can fill others with more.

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