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What Is Holistic Skincare + Daily Routines

People have used holistic skincare for centuries to maintain healthy, glowing skin. Holistic skincare practices take a more natural, whole-body approach when it comes to receiving results and reviving the health of your skin.

The holistic approach considers the skin as a whole unit and considers the links between our internal body and the external environment rather than simply focusing on the external treatment of our skin. It takes into account the factors that contribute to our skin’s condition, such as nutrition, lifestyle, stress and hormones.

This approach is based around the idea that everything is connected, so treating one part of our skin often means treating the entire system. Holistic skincare focuses on providing nourishment to the skin from both the inside and the outside.

Less known fact: Our Skin is the protective layer of our body, the largest organ, and our third kidney. What other eliminating organs cannot eliminate will try to exit through the skin.

Here are a few daily routines that will benefit the skin’s overall health and boost radiance and youthful appearance. Consider making them a habit that will nourish your whole body, mind, and soul and make you glow from within. 

skin hydration, lemon, water
Every morning is your fresh start!

MORNING ROUTINE, Holistic way:

  • Drink lemon water: Lemon water is rich in natural Vitamin C that boosts skin glow, alkalizes the body, and decreases inflammation in the body and skin.
  • Move your body: Body movement increases blood flow. Blood carries oxygen and nutrients to the cells throughout the body, including the skin.
  • Exercise your facial muscles: Learn few face yoga workouts and self massage techniques to strengthen the muscles of your face. This improves firmness and smoother lines. Practice gua sha massage to stimulate circulation and decrease puffiness. (Visit our Instagram page where we share few techniques)
  • Fresh Breakfast: Fresh fruit bowls, smoothies, and green juices will have you starting the day with a Vitamin and Antioxidant rich breakfast that will nourish the skin from the inside out.
  • Showers: We suggest using lukewarm to cool water in the shower when you can. Cool water soothes inflamed skin, tightens the pores, and de-puffs the skin. Another option is alternating between hot/cold water. This will stimulate circulation in the body and skin. 
  • Clean Natural Skincare: Use Skin and Body care made with natural ingredients that will deeply nourish your skin from the inside out for a natural and healthy glow.
mediation, self care, gratitude, journal, read, glow from within
Every evening is a chance to slow down!

EVENING ROUTINE, Holistic way:

  • Slow Down And Unwind: Before your beauty sleep, it is essential to slow down and unwind. A well-rested body leads to calmer and younger-looking skin.
  • Clean Natural Skincare: The Evening is the time when skin cells regenerate. Use this time to apply potent and pure skin botanicals for healthy and radiant skin.
  • Light Dinner: A light and nutritious dinner filled with anti-inflammatory foods and healthy fats will lead to easy digestion, a healthy gut, and a better night of sleep.
  • Meditate: Practicing regular meditation and gratitude are mindful techniques that release stress from the body. The skin is calm and resilient when the body/mind connection is calm.
  • Read and Journal: Take a break from the screens and grab your favorite read. Do you like to journal life experiences? You can even journal your skin progress from the new skincare routines you will implement.

Healthy habits are learned in the same way unhealthy ones – through practice. – Wayne Dyer

Even if you have days that you skip a healthy habit and indulged, it’s okay. We all have those moments and will continue to have them. The point is to continue where you stopped, with love and gratitude. The more you practice, the better you become. And remember that everything is interconnected: our bodies, minds and souls work in synergy. When one element is out of balance, the whole body is.

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