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Unlocking the Potent Benefits of Mushrooms in Skincare

Mushrooms are a culinary delight with centuries-old traditional use that offers many medicinal and health benefits. Include them in your diet and see how their antioxidant properties boost your immune system. They can also nourish your brain and support concentration. They are abundant in Vitamin B and D, plus many more nutritional benefits.

Mushrooms have finally started to gain recognition in the skincare world. So, let’s delve into the fascinating world of mushrooms in skincare, focusing particularly on the wonders of Reishi and Maitake mushrooms.

mushrooms in skincare, reishi mushroom

Reishi: The Elixir of Youth

Reishi or Lingzhi (scientific name Ganoderma lucidum) is known as the “mushroom of immortality“. A large, woody mushroom with a glossy exterior that grows on trees in the United States, Asia, and even part of the Amazon, under a wide range of conditions.

  • As one of the most potent adaptogens, it helps the skin combat stress, which is often the main cause of premature aging.
  • Contains Triterpenes – steroid-like molecule that inhibits the release of histamine, which reduces inflammation and makes it ideal for a sensitive skin complexion. 
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties soothe skin irritation, redness, and sensitivity, promoting a youthful complexion.
  • Reishi contains beta-glucans, essential polysaccharides known for their hydrating properties. By attracting moisture to the skin and promoting suppleness, these compounds leave your skin looking plump and revitalized.
mushrooms in skincare, maitake mushroom

Maitake: Nature’s Antioxidant Powerhouse

Maitake means “dancing mushroom” in Japanese. The mushroom grows wild in parts of Japan, China, and North America. It grows at the bottom of Oak, Elm, and Maple trees. You can usually find the mushroom during the autumn months.

Although maitake mushroom has been used in Japan and China for thousands of years, it has only gained popularity in the United States over the last twenty years. People are praising this mushroom for its promises of health, vitality, and longevity

  • Its adaptogenic nature helps the skin adapt to environmental stressors, maintaining resilience and vitality.
  • Rich in phenolic compounds, Maitake is one of nature’s most potent antioxidants, neutralizing free radicals and protecting the skin from over exposure to UV light and environmental pollution.
  • It serves as a humectant, drawing moisture into the skin and enhancing its protective barrier against external aggressors.
  • Maitake mushroom can also aid in exfoliation, encourage faster skin renewal, and increase skin elasticity as a skin brightener.

Harnessing Mushroom Magic: Introducing Bright Lily

Inspired by the incredible benefits of mushrooms in skincare, I’ve crafted Bright Lily, an exfoliating and brightening face mask infused with Reishi and Maitake mushrooms in powder form.

With adaptogenic mushrooms and natural fruit enzymes, this mask brightens and regenerates your skin while building its natural ability to protect itself. Supercharged with kaolin clay, this gentle but powerful mask absorbs impurities and excess oils from your pores, making your skin instantly firmer and tighter. A nourishing combination of oats and herbs rebalances your skin to promote its resilience against environmental stressors and sensitivity.

Use this mask bi-weekly to revive tired skin and reveal a healthy and glowing complexion.

Create a weekly SELF CARE Ritual and enjoy a facial-at-home with customizable experience. This mask is excellent on its own, mixed with water. For more potent and moisturizing experience, mix few drops of our serums, or add few drops of your favorite oil.

mushrooms in skincare, bright lily mask

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