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Plant oils


Seed oil

Camellia Seed oil – with a high oleic acid content and naturally abundant in squalene, this oil has exceptional skin conditioning and protective qualities. In addition, it can help skin retain its moisture content, essential for keeping it well hydrated.

Camellia is also an astringent oil, beneficial for oily skin, minimizing pore appearance, and balancing oil production.


Seed oil

Jojoba seed oil has an extraordinary ability to control water loss, preventing the skin from dehydration and dryness. The jojoba plant grows in a semi-desert environment, where many plants can not survive due to extreme heat and dryness. The oil it produces protects the pores by sealing against evaporation and provides insulation.

Jojoba oil contains many lipids present in our skin’s sebum, making it very natural and compatible with our skin. In addition, it is very beneficial for treating oily and acne-prone skin by balancing sebum production.


Seed oil

Grape seed oil is high in Omega – 6 essential fatty acids and contains natural chlorophyll, vitamin E, and antioxidants. It is especially rich in proanthocyanidin, a flavanol with antioxidant properties, more potent than Vitamin C and E.

Grapeseed oil is light-absorbing and deeply nourishing; conditioning improves skin elasticity and barrier function.

Black currant

Seed oil

Black currant seed oil – is a natural source of GLA (gamma-linolenic acid), an important fatty acid that supports skin’s innate immunity, has anti-inflammatory and healing properties, excellent for sensitive and sensitized skin.

This oil is also abundant in Vitamin C, making it an essential part of any anti-aging skincare routine for its ability to regenerate and stimulate healthy skin growth, promoting tighter and brighter skin complexion.



Acai Oil – is a significant source of anthocyanin, an antioxidant that helps the skin fight free radical damage from environmental stressors.

It is very nutritious and abundant in antioxidants, B, C, E vitamins and minerals, making it beneficial for maturing skin and anti-aging treatments.


Seed oil

Raspberry seed oil – one of Tarli’s favorite ingredients, pressed from the seeds of raspberries with a slightly fruity scent, light-absorbing, and excellent skin conditioner. In addition, it contains high concentrations of essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, exceptionally high in antioxidants, vitamin E, and provitamin A. This oil is an excellent ingredient to use under your sunscreen to boost skin’s resilience against sun damage.


Seed oil

Blueberry seed Oil – With a delicate blueberry scent, this exceptionally nourishing oil with a high amount of vitamin E and antioxidants delivers protective and repairing benefits to the skin’s barrier, repairing damage and scar tissue. In addition, it can regenerate, smooth fine lines, and improve skin texture.


Seed oil

Blackberry seed oil – is a natural source of Vitamin C that is particularly beneficial for aging skin, improving skin texture, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, this oil is also rich in E vitamin, carotenoid, and lutein that are anti-inflammatory, soothing, and protective to the skin’s barrier.


Seed oil

Strawberry seed oil – contains a significant amount of Omega 3 essential fatty acid, which makes this oil distinctive from others. Omega 3 has the ability to tame down inflammation and improve compromised skin.

Abundant in antioxidants and vitamin E, this oil is deeply nourishing and moisturizing, improving the skin texture of maturing skin.


Seed oil

Tomato seed Oil – this deep orange-colored oil is high in carotene and lycopene content, two vital compounds that help with repairing sun damage. Further, it is rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and essential amino acids, making it a nutritious storehouse for maturing skin.

Passion fruit

Seed oil

Passion fruit seed Oil – with significantly high levels of a natural form of Vitamin C, this oil benefits aging skin by providing a brighter complexion and smoother texture. It contains calcium and phosphorus, minerals that can relax the tissue and soothe sensitive skin.


Seed oil

Papaya seed oil – is an unusual, naturally exfoliating oil that contains the papain enzyme. This exfoliating enzyme can rejuvenate and clear the skin from debris and excess oils, providing a brighter complexion and smoother texture.

This oil is rich in C and E vitamins, anti-inflammatory compounds, antibacterial, minerals, and amino acids, making it very nurturing and rejuvenating to aging skin.